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OneCup For Horses

OneCup For Horses


OneCup for Horses - new

Provides 22 Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Feed for less than €0.40 per day

OneCup is a high specification complementary feed supplement designed to provide all horses and ponies with 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals; simply and economically.
OneCup should be fed to all horses and ponies that require little in the way of traditional feeding stuffs to maintain condition `good doers` , but will benefit from the addition of essential daily vitamins and minerals.

A 100gm measure of OneCup provides approximately ten times (10x) the level of vitamins and trace elements as most general equine feeds, i.e. pony nuts. 
What are the key benefits of using OneCup for Horses?

• Provides 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals.
• Complements all chaffs, forages and basic feeds.
• Costs less than €0.40 per day to feed.
• No mess.
• No wastage.
• Consistency in every cup.
• Manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 3mm pellets.
• Quick and easy to feed.

Price: € 20.00

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